Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing Gideon Yu Yue Walker

This little boy is one handsome, busy, nondisciplined fellow. What a day this has been. I keep wondering what time it is hoping it's almost bet time. The last time I asked it was only 6:45 pm. We still have 2 hours to go. I am pooped. Yes kids, you can laugh. :)

Here's Gideon with the pink cheeks from lack of oxygen.
Tears and a runny nose with one of our first smiles.

First, let me describe the average heart baby. They are small for their age and usually developmentally delayed.. They are more docile because their heart can not sustain the typical energy level of a well child.

 Now let me describe our Gideon. He is big for his age even by American standards. He is very active and into everything! Gideon is very smart. The only symptoms of heart issues this child has are the bright pink cheeks, turns blue when he cries and eats and his heart races and beats very hard during crying and eating. I have no idea how this child is so healthy.

We picked Gideon up at the Civil Affairs Office about 9:45 am. They opened the door and Gideon started crying and didn't stop until we were in the car and he fell asleep. It was a loooong appointment signing papers. During all the crying he turned more and more blue. His fingers and nose even turned blue. I got very worried about him and started to pray with real intent. I had to just have faith that Heavenly Father would care for Gideon because there was nothing I could do. As soon as we got done with signing papers we went to the pharmacy to get an oxygen pillow. It was about $8 plus another .75 cents to fill with oxygen. Much better than the $3,000 for an Oxygen Concentrator (we will probalby have to get one when we get home but that comes later) We are told the pillow will last for 2 hours of use. We will see. During this time Gideon slept on my lap. We got back to the hotel and stayed in the room for a while. Gidoen cried and cried some more. We got a few smiles with the bubbles and balloons though.

When the maid showed up Gideon stated crying and asking for Moma so we went to McDonalds and Wal Mart for a few more things. Gideon hasn't had much of an appetite today but he did eat a few fries. He has kept his sippy cup of water with him all day.
He has had to have his cup that we brought and hat and coat or would start crying all over again.
As I write Gideon is having Doug take his coat on and off. That is a great sign.

We have crossed many bridges today. Some that I didnt' think he would cross so soon. Gideon even let me put food in his mouth once. Gidon knows how to attach and looks us in the eyes even when crying. Some great things to have happen. I have no doubt his crying is a blessing. This means he will attach to us in time.

There is more to say but pictures are always better.

This was right after Gideon came in. This is also how he looked the whole time we were at the Civil Affairs office.

The hand off had to be forced. We tried to ease Gideon into this but he was having nothing to do with coming to me.

This is the oxygen pillow. Pretty cool thing.

We were told that Giedon doesn't like sweets but loves salt so we got some chips. Well, Gideon loves Jelly Bellies.
Especially double fisted.


  1. Despite the crying, he is a cutie! The last picture kind of caught us by surprise at first glance. Jason had to ask if you just photoshopped a fake smile on his face because he was such a wreck! Then we looked at it again and realized it was the hat...haha :)

  2. Thanks for the update! Everyone ran to the computer when they found out there was a post up. He's adorable! (or "really cute" in Olivia's words). We can't wait until you all are home and we can meet him in person!

  3. Yeah! I'm so happy he's in his momma and Baba's arms! He is beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! He is adorable.