Thursday, April 4, 2013


We are waiting for Ressa and Jason to come back from breakfast to go out in the pouring rain to see some things. The plan is to go to some markets and then to the Island for lunch and touring. It should be fun.

The reason I am posting right now is sparked from reading a couple of blogs that I follow and the thoughts that they caused me to have as well as comments on my blog.

I am grateful for all the support that we have gotten in our adoption journey. Adoption is a lonely emotional experience that most people can't understand the depths unless you have been there. Even those that don't understand the emotions have been good and understanding to us for the most part. I have discovered the need to have feedback and appreciate the comments received. No matter how good an adjustment goes it is still just that, an adjustment. This journey is difficult in the best of circumstances even though there is joy and the gift of a child. But just like marriage there is much work required and we get emotionally tired and worn out. So here I am saying thank you to all of you that have positive thoughts, prayers and comments for us. It is exciting to wake up and see comments and hear the kind words. It seems silly but it's the first thing that we look for in the morning.

I also just found out that I may be able to reply to comments and the commenter gets notified. I would love that. I don't have emails for some that comment and I want everyone to know that I notice and I care. For one commenter I even looked up your email from a Yahoo Group and I couldn't find you, Worrell's.

You are all greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I hope we get to see some of the sights you visited via photos. Does Jason or Ressa know any Mandarin? Is the guide taking you or are you going on your own?