Monday, April 8, 2013

Great Progress

Today we just hung around the hotel most of the day. Doug was able to take advantage of some time to do a few things for work. As we sat around Gideon interacted with me, Mom!  He would sit on the couch next to me, lay his head on my arm or play with me. He did so well. I am surprised at how the day had gone. There was even a time that he wanted mama not baba. Yesterday he made some good progress but I expected him to back track today. Thankfully he only went forward.

Gideon hasn't had a meltdown for a couple of days but today he decided it was time. We met a couple that picked up their son today. We went to check on them and see if they needed anything. Sometimes the new child has such a hard time that you can't leave the room but on that first day you still don't have water or food. We got there and their son has done great so far. They were having trouble connecting to the Internet so we offered for them to use our computer to talk with their kids at home. They called a while later and came over. Of course that is when Gideon decided to have his trouble. I had to take him out of the room while they Skyped. I was worried Gideon would have a hard time but Doug needed to help them fix the connection. Gideon and I spent the next 20 minutes riding the escalator up and down, up and down. He only asked for Baba after I told him we were going back.

Gideon has started saying some English words. His favorite is "go". He also is now saying "Good Job" and several other words. He is understanding other things as well. He is so smart. He is also thinking twice when he wants to hit. We don't get hit more than once or twice in a day now. I haven't gotten scratched in a couple days either. We are teaching him to throw things in the garbage and not throw everything he sees. He loves the garbage! Everything goes in it! We have to take things out now. :)  Gideon is learning fast. I fully expect to see these behaviors come back once home but now he knows they are acceptable so we can deal with them a little easier.

I have made some observations with Gideon's heart. It seems that his lips start to get blue and soon after he gets fussy. Sometimes that fussiness turns into crying and needing to lay down and other times he will start to perk up after a while and we can distract him. He gets his color back about same time he stops fussing. Now, I don't know if this is what is going on but I am speculating that, like my father, Gideon's heart acts up and he starts to not feel good. It would make complete sense that he wouldn't feel good when his heart is acting up. We'll know better as we watch him more and see the patterns. I'm just anxious to get him home to see the doctor.

One last thing. Thank you everyone for your support!!! The comments and emails have kept me going. It's easy to know in your mind what is going on but very hard to have your heart follow. This life is full of ups and downs and the more I experience the more I realize I need others. Thank you for being there for me. Some of you that emailed I will get back to you very soon. I just needed a couple of down days.

Sorry, this is the last thing. Jason and Ressa made it home safely for those who wanted to know.

Gideon eating the fish food. Don't worry it was just bread.

Gideon loves Ressa and Jason. Ressa and Jason love Gideon too.

Gideon gets more smiley every day. He really is a cute little boy!
He aslo happens to be one of the cutest Chinese kids around.

Added some pictures for good measure.
We didn't get any new pictures today because it was pretty boring.


  1. Deanne with easter weekend and all my kids being home. I haven't been on so now I have caught up. I really appreciate you telling it like it is. As a mom , I'm very worried about being rejected. How could you not? That little boy is all that you think about and worry about for a year! I am so glad that Gideon seems to be warming up to you.
    I will continue to pray. I will pray that both of you can heal. Thanks for posting your journey Lacy

  2. Yeah for progress! He truly is a cutie and seems to have all of the capacity and ability to attach. Hooray! You are on the tail end and will be back in the security of your home and family soon. My loneliness in China helped me to relate to some of the emotions of ChunMing upon our return to the US. The isolation is exaggerated by the rejection. You are under the watchful eye of the Savior and He knows all the emotions and challenges within each of your hearts. He will fill those emotional holes.

  3. Gideon is SO cute! Glad things are improving. ;-)