Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just For Fun

This is how all of Gideon's pants fit him. We had to put Bria's old size 2 leggings on him today in hopes they would stay up. Even then they were about an inch too big. Gideon also loves to throw things over the stair rail. If we are missing something the first place we look is in the landing.

What a precious little one. Notice the pink in his face. What a blessed site.

Gideon LOVES fries. If I had a hard time getting him to eat at the hospital all I had to do was order fries.

What do teenage boys do on a Sunday afternoon? Sleep. Even if you are visiting your brother in the hospital.
I'll give Pierce the out. He took over at home during the days while we were gone. He did a fantastic job. Today he said he made a terrible homemaker because he couldn't seem to keep the house clean. I know exactly what he meant and Gideon was not even there. I am just glad the he is doing online school this year.

Tyler and Jessica came to visit on Sunday. They had to drive more than an hour to get to the hospital. The part that surprised me the most is that Jessica's parents were in from Kentucky for Jessica and her brother and sister-in-laws college graduations and they took that time to come visit too. We love the Rhanquists  They are really great people.

Gideon's makeshift bed at home. It didn't last long. He has been up and around since we got home.
He will start to hurt and want Mom to hold him for a while but he is up and playing in no time. Before surgery  he could play for 5 minutes or so and then have to lay down. Now there are not many limitations.
We did see some blue in the lips and hands today for a while. Hopefully we won't be back for more surgery very soon.

Marshall had a present for us.

It was Bria! She is doing so well. Since coming home from China we have seen Bria reach out for love and attachment. Tonight she told Mom "I love you soooo much" more than once.

Malia was trying to make a bed for Gideon in the box.
 They then pushed Gideon around in the box for a long time.
All the children are adjusting very well. The insecurities are quickly fading away 
and the family is forming a strong unit with Gideon on a firm foundation of love and acceptance.

We made one of the best decisions of our lives bringing Gideon into this family. 

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  1. I'm catching up on your blog and loved these photos!!! Your incredible children are a reflection of your incredible parenting. Keep it up!
    Love Doreen