Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Doctor Visit

We got into the doctor this morning. The doctor I went to was a referral from the cardiology group at Primary Children's Hospital. They like this  doctor because he works well with the heart doctors and knows what he is doing. I am so glad that I found him. He was knowledgeable and even in his temperament. He looked Gideon over and was happy to see how healthy he really is especially for having heart issues. Because the doctor has other heart children he didn't get overly concerned and put Gideon in the hospital but felt that Gideon needed that down time. It was a relief that Gideon has more time to adjust and get used to all the new things around him.

It is obvious that Gideon has been to doctors in the past. All we have to do is take him near a place that looks like a doctors office and he screams. He cried very hard for most of the visit but allowed us to do everything that was asked. He is tall for his age but very lean, as the doctor put it. Gideon is at the top of the growth chart for height but almost at the bottom for his weight and head size. His blood pressure is in the higher of the normal range which is very good. His oxygen level was in the mid 60's. A healthy person is in the mid 90's. Doug asked about brain damage with oxygen at such a low level. It is an issue but the doctor said that anemia causes more problems than the low oxygen. That is a relief for us but it does need to be helped as soon as we can.

We have already gotten an appointment with the cardiologist for Monday morning. We are scheduled for an Echo on Gideon's heart then we will talk to the doctor. I don't know who this doctor is but when I questioned the secretary about him she let me know that he is one of the head doctors at Primaries and very good at what he does. That made me feel better. Our Pediatrician was also going to try and get the best doctor so I don't think he would have allowed just anyone to see Gideon.

We now start the juggle of getting children where they need to be while I am at doctors appointments. The kids go off track in 3 weeks so that will help for a short time but in June the whole school will be transferred to another school facility while they undergo renovations. The temporary school is a ways away but still close enough for them to walk if we absolutely have to. It's amazing how the Lord works all things out for our good. This won't be easy but it will be doable.

Gideon is doing better today emotionally and physically. He is up and around getting into EVERYTHING. I don't think I will have a clean house for at least 2 years. Gideon is a tornado. He is very much a two year old throwing, hitting, pulling hair, stealing food out of Preston's hands and all sorts of things. I had to start sitting him next to me when he is mean then teaching him to give the person a hug that he hurt. He has done well with me today but still wants dad and his older brothers. He will allow me to take him out of the kids arms with some resistance but he isn't hitting me away.



  1. Hi Deanne, Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you all in Guangzhou - we had such a great time with you - thanks for leading us through the metro jungle! Praying for Gideon and your whole family. Many blessings to you all!!! -Kelly

  2. Hi Deanne - glad to find your blog and hear you had an uneventful trip home! Praying for Gideon & your family - keep us posted. It was nice meeting you and Doug and of course Gideon in China!

  3. So glad your home! Hope all goes well w/ the specialist.