Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paperwork In China Is All Done

Today we had our Consulate appointment. This appointment is to clear all adoption paperwork done by China and start the process to get Gideon his Visa. We had to be in the hotel lobby at 7:45 am to go to the Consulate. We were a bit confused because I was sure the appointment was for 10:00 am but Doug knew we were to be in the lobby at 7:45 to meet our guide. Come to find out our appointment was at 10:00 am  but the guide didn't want to have to make two trips that are only 15 minutes to bring 2 families at different times. We were the lucky ones that got to wait without being told.

We got to the Consulate and had to wait in a large area that was open to the wind. It was cold and we hadn't brought Gideon's coat. We had no idea we would be waiting there so we weren't prepared. We waited for an hour and a half with no seating. China does not believe in seating. No matter where you go there is no where to sit, even in the hotel lobbies. I've never seen anything like it. Gideon did good for the first 30 minutes then got very antsy. Doug rode with him up and down the escalator for a while then came back and we waited some more. Finally we were brought up to the area for adoptions and waited another 30 minutes. Our turn came for the swearing in and paperwork. About 10 other families were there with us so it was a good size group. They called up families one after the other. It got to where there were three families left and we were one of them. After being there for over 2 hours we were not surprised that we were the last family called up.

All went well at the window. All the paperwork was in order and we were done in a few minutes. We then were able to tell the person thank you that helped us with our expedite. It was nice to see her and let her know of our gratitude for what she did.

At the beginning of the consulate appointment an officer gives instruction for the families. Gideon had sat on a chair next to me and Doug was standing next to him. Doug decided to sit down so Gideon was on the edge. We thought nothing of this until there was a loud thud and a scream. I looked over and Gideon had fallen sideways off his chair, hit his head on the corner of a metal piece on the wall and caused the whole room to look over. I jumped up and picked him up. I had no where to go and I knew that Gideon would want Doug. I handed Gideon off and the officer asked if Gideon was OK. I was so embarrassed, humiliated at failing as a mother and worried about Gideon's head and heart that my response was "I don't know." It didn't come across the way that I meant it and I knew she was worried about offending me. Another mom came over  and put her arm around me and said she was sorry. That was all I could take and broke down crying. Now I was even more humiliated.

When we asked for our officer that helped us with the expedite I discovered she was the same officer that had asked if Gideon was OK. I had the opportunity to apologize and we both tripped over ourselves as we tried to explain ourselves. I still don't feel good about my explanation so I will need to email the officer to apologize again.

After the consulate we went back to the room and Gideon fell asleep. We waited for 2 and a half hours for him to wake up. Doug finally woke him up, we fed him lunch and left. Because it was raining cats and dogs we went shopping again. We were really hoping to go to White Cloud Mountain and hike but that won't be happening this trip. Doug keeps saying things like, next time, as though we will be back. Maybe some day.

We leave tomorrow for Beijing and then off to Seattle on Saturday morning. I have such mixed emotions about leaving. We have gotten into a groove and I am doing so much better accepting Gideon for what he offers. All of your prayers are being answered. Thank You!! I want to go home but I will miss China.

Today Gideon has done very well emotionally. He is accepting me more and even asking for me. He allowed me to help him while he was having trouble with his heart. I have fed him most of his food today and he comes to me when he needs something. Tomorrow may be different but he is making progress. It is interesting to watch him reach out emotionally and physically and then quickly pull back. He wants to trust me and allow me to nurture him but he is afraid. The fear is no longer showing itself as anger so much but as fear of attachment. He is also copying us a lot. A few minutes ago Doug burped, if you know him you know he knows how to burp. Gideon started trying to burp and made some funny noises. We all started laughing and Gideon did it again. The more he gets comfortable the cuter he becomes. Some friends predicted that Gideon will be like a rock star when we get home because he is so cute. I think everyone will love him!!!!

We see this often. Gideon loves his belly button.

In less than two weeks we have gone from this......

To this!

We are so gratefull to have Gideon.
 He is a Walker and was meant for this family.
What a blessing for us all.


  1. Yay! Paperwork all done! I can't believe you spent 2 hours at the consulate with such a little guy. We had about 20 families and were there for about 20 minutes.

    Good luck on the trip tomorrow! Our prayers are continually with you.
    Doreen (and ChunMing and William - whom both happen to be looking at your blog with me right now :)

  2. Love it! He is so precious! SO happy for you! :)

  3. He is so darling! Congratulations on your new addition!