Saturday, April 6, 2013

Safari Park

Today we went to the Safari Park. Because it is a holday, once again in China, our guide has been off and the crowds are bigger. We have been navigating Guangzhou by ourselves on the Metro and doing very well with it. We did discover that with 4 people a taxi can be just as cheap as the Metro if you are going somewhere close. It has been raining here for at least a week. We chose today for the Safari Park because Ressa wanted to see it and the weather looked the best for today. It was a bit cold and windy but no rain. We wore sweaters and were fine. Doug liked today's weather better than the heat of September. I like the heat but at least this way my hair looked decent most of the day. No ringlets in my bangs. :)

The Safari Park is a very cool zoo. My favorite part of the park is the safari. They have an open train that drives you through an open zoo basically. They have all kinds of animals walking free like zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and many others. The Lion's, tigers, bears and other predators are in fences for safety. The animals are so much closer than you would find in the states and you can feed just about any animal that you want. They also have many areas where they display the baby animals and the way they care for them. It is pretty neat to see. I think the best way to describe our day is through pictures.

Gideon had some trouble today with his breathing. Most mornings he will turn blue for a time but we have been able to avert serious trouble. Today he turned blue and had to slow down this morning  but then again tonight when we were out to dinner, before we sat down, he got pretty bad. Doug was holding him and he started breathing hard, his heart was beating very fast and hard and turned blue. Gideon had Doug lay him down in his arms. He does not like to lay down so it had to have been bad. Doug and I left and Jason and Ressa brought dinner back to the hotel for us. Most of the rest of the night Gideon struggled. We have no idea why he does this some times but not at times that would make sense. Times that he is exerting himself. I guess it's as big of a questions as my dad's heart. It will be good to get home to see the doctor. Hopefully they can do something for him and soon.

Here is  the fun part!

This was my favorite video. Jason took this.

Gideon's first experience feeding the fish. We will be doing more of this next week. The weather looks like it will be much better next week.

Doug had to take a picture or Gideon when he first woke up. Such big smile first thing in the morning was a good sign for the day.

Jason was feeding the giraffe so Ressa could pet his head. She said it felt like horse.

This monkey was only feet above our heads. The park help was feeding the monkey and as she did Jason reached out and touched the monkey's hand.

Gideon loved the steam. He also got very giddy when he saw the animals. He loved the park.

Jason really wanted to see the snakes. He was able to hold this snake. Gideon freaked out about the snakes so I had to take him out.

Ressa loves to play Peek-a-boo with Gideon. This is his version.

Very cute!!

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  1. I love your blog! It just makes me so happy and Gideon is a cutie, just like all your other kids. I am glad Jason and Ressa were able to make it over to see you guys, I am sure they loved it. You guys are such examples to me, love you and your family!