Monday, February 4, 2013

We Got LSC!!!

We just got word that our LSC was issued today. The LSC is the letter that officially offers the child for adoption to us. We will sign it acknowledging that we accept the referral. We should get the document in the mail on Thursday. Great news!!!  I really needed good news today. :)

We were hoping that this would come through before the end of the week. It is the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations so starting Monday of next week all offices in China will be closed for 10 days. We now can do all of the US side of the paperwork and miss having down time during the holiday. Hopefully everything will be ready to submit to the consulate in China at the end of the holiday. It is starting to look very likely that we will be in China in March. YEAH!!

No new info on Gideon. That probably means he is still in the hospital. We are absolutely going to need oxygen for him on the way home. We found out that Cathay Pacific will allow O2 concentrators and they can also provide oxygen but there is a possibility that their oxygen may not come through. We have been looking for a used unit. Please, if anyone comes across one or can put the word out let us know. The portable oxygen concentrator needs to be FAA approved and continuous flow. That means there are only 4 different units that will work for us.

SeQual Eclipse
DeVilbiss Healthcare IGo
O2 Concepts OxLife
Invacare Solo2

These are the 4 we can use. Please, please, please keep an eye out for us.

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  1. Yeah!!!! Moving forward. The Lord is at the helm.

    So, I have been searching and haven't found any for sale yet, but there are places that will rent them, which still isn't cheap, but cheaper than purchasing one if it comes down to it. Here is an example: