Friday, February 8, 2013

We Thought We Had Good News

About 10 minutes after publishing the last post I got a call from our agency. It was good news. DHL arrived at 5:15 their time, about 2 hours late. Our LSC arrived!  30 minutes later another call from Myriam. This was not so good. Gideon's birth date was wrong on the LSC. That is very VERY bad news. We will most likely not get our I800 approval with this mistake. Myriam will try but I'm not holding my breath. This will most definitely pose a problem in China when we go to the consulate. Because of this we will have to have a new LSC issued. How long will that take? Who knows. We can't even do anything until the 19th of February. Here's hoping for another miracle.

God must have something good in store!!!

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