Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Grand Walker

Last Sunday Tyler and Jessica came over so they could say good bye to Ressa and Jason. Well, that's why we thought they came over. We had a good evening together and when it came time for prayer Tyler said, "We wanted to tell everyone something while you are all here. Jessica is pregnant!" Jessica is doing great. No  sickness as of yet and not extremely tired. They are expecting the beginning of October. We pray for health and a good pregnancy.

What exciting times. This will make Grand Walker number 2. I am guessing that from here on out we will be adding children to the family on a regular basis. With 3 married and one looking for a great partner, we will have a continuous increase in our posterity. We knew this time would come. 20 years ago we had no idea this would come so soon. Somehow we don't believe that we will get older. Thank Heavens there are many good things that come with our progression in life. I love Grand kids! I only have one but if they are all as cute and precious as our Preston then we will be filled with joy. Eventually very great joy. We figure if each of our children, minus Emma, has an average of 5 kids we will have over 75 grand kids and 375 great grand kids. That is a lot of posterity!! How are we going to remember birthdays or even acknowledge them? Any ideas are appreciated. :)

Tyler and Jessica

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  1. Congratulations to you and to them! What wonderful news!