Monday, February 18, 2013

Our New LSC

We have been told that our new LSC has been issued and should be here today or tomorrow. That is much faster than I expected!  I really thought we would be another week before we would see anything. We have also been told that we can scan our signed LSC and email it to our USCIS worker because of the rush and then the delay. If you are in an adoption and are thinking this is a way to speed things up, don't get your hopes up. This was a very special circumstance.

Myriam is now expecting travel in April. I looked at the Trade Fair schedule for Guangzhou and the next Trade Fair is April 15th. With our last adoption we ended up in China for an extra week because of a holiday but if we had waited it out we would have had to wait 6 weeks for travel because of the fall trade show. Everything get more expensive and the agencies don't like doing business with families in China those weeks. Well, now here we are again with the same concern. How do things always happen?

No new update on Gideon. Hopefully we will get one soon.

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