Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creed is Going To Prom

Creed came home Friday afternoon and asked if he could go to Prom. When he told me who he wanted to ask I told him he needed to ask that day or she would be taken. So in a matter of about 2 minutes he had his invite prepared.

"I hope you CHEWS to go to prom with me"
Attached to a vase of colorful gumballs.

He then wrote his name on the gumballs so that she had to figure out who it was. While he was at the temple I dropped the invitation off at the girls home. She wasn't there because I had brought her to the temple with Creed and the other kids. I knew I was safe.

Saturday we get a hurried knock on the door. At the step was her reply.

Notice the half full jar of gumballs. We were able to make the invite so fast 
because the gumballs are always there.
 I love gumballs, they make me smile. :)


  1. Madi is a friend that he has known for a couple of years. She is really cute, bubbly and fun. You would like her.:)