Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That's So Fun!!!

A belated post. This took place about 3 weeks ago. I was waiting for the pictures to appear but I still can't find them so here is the story without pictures.

We got more snow today and the temperatures have dropped again. It is 14 degrees at 1:45 pm. A little on the cold side!! I know all you people in colder areas think I'm a wimp  Well let me tell you, I AM. I hate the cold and would prefer to live somewhere perpetually sunny, Fiji. :) One positive that comes with the snow is the fun. Yes, I have already posted about sledding behind the four wheeler but this time Hyrum and Bria did it all by themselves.

Marshall came in and insisted that I go outside because Hyrum wanted to tell me something. For a split second I thought "Can't he come in and tell me?" I put my coat on and went outside. Hyrum was ecstatic!   He said "Mom, I went by my self!"  I had him go on again and took some pictures. There was no way to capture the excitement, glee, pure happiness and complete thrill Hyrum felt. I asked him some questions and he kept saying,

"Yeah, but it was so fun." It didn't matter what the question was I still got the same answer.

Do you want to go again? "Yeah, but, it was so fun."

Did Bria go by herself? "Yeah, but it was so fun."

Do you want to go to bed? "Yeah, but it was so fun." I really didn't ask this one but the answer would have been the same.

Too cute and worth every bit of difficulty getting him home.

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