Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mom's So Nice?

This story involves two children. The first, Hyrum. He has always told me that he loves me. For the last little while he has now added to that.

"I love you sooo much. You so nice."

 I hear this A LOT throughout the day. It really makes me feel good. I have to step back from myself and acknowledge that I really am not as mean as some of the children try to make me out to be. You see, my children know my weak points and being a good mom is one of them. Anyone that is a parent can just imagine how this can be used against me. :)

Now the second child, will not be named, has a respect problem. Meaning, we're still praying this will develop in their life. Picture mom and dad being gone and a child that has no respect. Add in the older sibling and babysitter who, by the way, love authority. Not a pretty picture.

Doug and I had to go to a meeting this evening and came home to find that the second, or non-respectful child, caused problems when it came time for dishes. This child would NOT help or do what was asked. A very familiar story. So as the mean mother, I very calmly informed this child that they would need to learn to do dishes when asked and they now would get to practice all day tomorrow.

Mom, "You get to do all the dishes tomorrow, breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Right at the time that I finished being the mean mom Hyrum chimes in with the sweetest most sincere voice.

"You so nice mom." 

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