Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Delay

Well, our LSC did not come in the DHL package our agency got yesterday and no DHL today, like they were told. Unfortunately, all offices in China are closed for a week for Chinese New Year. If the agency doesn't get a package on Monday then we won't see the LSC until the 21st at the earliest. So much for promises and trusting what they say. Myriam, the owner of Agape Adoptions, is much more frustrated with this than I am. I just have to leave it all in the Lord's hands. I don't know His purposes in these delays but He knows all and I must be patient. That doesn't mean I will get much done though. My faith isn't quite that strong yet. :)

There is another little boy that needs many prayers right now. If you remember I posted about a boy named Leo. He just turned 5 and has a sever heart condition. He was scheduled to get surgery in another country but got pneumonia.  About 2 weeks later he was admitted in the hospital. I'm not sure how long he was there but it wasn't a short visit. Once back at the orphanage he still struggled. They had to reschedule his surgery several times. I know through much fasting and prayer he is now strong enough to travel. He will be leaving soon and will undergo major surgery, on his own. This poor little boy could really use the comfort of the angels and healing and protecting powers of God. Please join us in prayer for him. This is an exciting time but scary too. 

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