Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Not much to say today. Or a lot to say but I don't want to pull anyone down.

The last few days have really been a struggle waiting and knowing our son needs to come home. There is nothing we can do to speed things up. No one to talk to and no where to turn for help. This is when we see what kind of faith we have.

The struggle has been exhausting. It seems I get nothing done physically because all of my efforts go to trying to stay positive. I am mostly winning that battle but it's hard. I keep reminding myself that one day I will look back and the difficulties will fade in my memory but for today they are real and hard. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to look at my list of things to do and get one done. The emotional and spiritual work that is being done is good work just not something I can look at at the end of the day and feel accomplished. Exercising faith takes much effort and there is a lot of faith to be had. Faith that the money will come. Faith that the paperwork will be processed quickly. Faith that we will travel before the trade fair in Guangzhou. Mostly faith that Gideon will experience some healing of his heart so we will avoid bringing oxygen. Oxygen has brought us to many dead ends, maybe we aren't supposed to use it.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring progress with the paperwork!

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