Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jason and Ressa, Off To China and Wedding Pictures

Yesterday we dropped Jason and Ressa off at the airport for the experience of a lifetime. They are going to teach english in an elementary school in a town in China. If you want to follow their journey this is their blog address.     To live will be an awfully big adventure   They are on their way to Hong Kong first to visit with Jason's Uncle and Aunt. They will spend  a few days there seeing the sights then on to China.We are so excited for them but will really miss them. Ressa has never been far from home. Even when she went to college it was a long time if we didn't see her for two weeks. We would talk on the phone several times a week. They found out yesterday afternoon that their apartment may not have internet so Skyping regularly may not work either.

We got the pictures back from the wedding. There are some really good ones. Here is just a sampling.

Ressa and Jason, Brigham City Temple

Jason what posing for his parents when we told the photographer to take a shot.
He is silly at heart.

Ressa took this dress from being sleeveless and very low to  modest. She did all the altering herself.

What a beautiful couple, inside and out!

Walker Sisters
Walker Brothers

Some of the center pieces. We needed a filler around the vase of flowers but had to have some color. What better way to add color than gumballs.
I love gumballs!  They make me smile. :)

I was told this setup with pintrest worthy. What a great compliment!  The Hot Chocolate Bar turned out great and looked beautiful. I recommend having a tray under the Hot Chocolate dispenser. There are bound to be those that spill. Of a few small cloths with plastic under them to save the table cloth. You can change out the cloth as it gets dirty.
If anyone wants the labels just email. I would love to save someone time.

What do you do at a reception? Drink hot chocolate,

Walk around in Mom's shoes,

and play in the flower boxes.

Creative registry book.

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