Sunday, February 17, 2013

Washing the Wedding Dress

Days before the wedding Ressa needed to wash her wedding dress. Because she worked at a Bridal Shop she knew the tricks, there really aren't any so don't waste your money on dry cleaning. She took the dress to my big beautiful pink tub, Haha, and washed the dress in there. Hyrum came in ans sked what she was doing. He loves to be in the middle of everything. He sat on the side of the tub for a minute and very quickly asked if he could help. Ressa was so sweet about it and gladly accepted his help. He had such fun! He got in there and washed just like Ressa. A while later Bria came in and saw the fun and just climbed in. She really got into it. They were all so cute to watch. Ressa made good memories that day and deepened her connection with her brother and sister. 

Just before starting to wash the dress Jason called and asked Ressa what she was doing . She told him she was washing her dress. He asked how and she said in the bathtub. He was so confused and said. 
"You are going to take a bath in your dress to wash it?"
He was not kidding. :)

To wash the dress all you need is some Fels Naphtha soap,
elbow grease and a steamer when you are done.

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