Thursday, January 10, 2013

We've Raised Some Crazy Kids

Tonight there was a conversation about being rich. It started because the elementary school had what they call tool day. Parents come in and share what they do for work. Casey has been enthralled with what he thinks he learned. (Not all of it makes sense in the real world. I just don't think he understood.)  So this is what the end of the conversation was.

Casey, "We should get rich and have 25,000 kids."  He really did say 25,000

Creed, "You wouldn't even know all of them."

More conversation ensued and Casey conceded.

"OK, 22...21...20..."

At this time I asked "So how many do you really think we should have?"

Casey, "Hmmm, 21."

Doug, "If we were rich we would have 18 kids."

Mom, "Yes, we would."

The boy that wants 25,000 kids. :)


  1. Does this mean there is another one that you want to adopt but aren't because of financial reasons? Because as of right now you only have sixteen and are working on the seventeenth.

    1. Yep Britt, that's what we mean. Go to the post about Leo. I would bring that little on home in a heartbeat if money permitted. Any hidden treasures?