Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fingerprints Done

We went in yesterday hoping that everything would go smoothly. I got nervous because someone told me that the Utah office for the USCIS was not allowing walk ins anymore. I then got pretty nervous and called the Adoption office of immigration. The officer I talked with said that is shouldn't be a problem because our office in Utah is pretty good about walk ins. He told me to tell them the situation and if there were still problems to call him back and he would try to help.

I was prepared with all the paperwork that might be pertinent to the case and rehearsed just what I would say. We stepped up to the entrance and handed over our documents and ID. I told the guy that we needed to come in early and he said "Oh, that shouldn't be a problem." He went to the desk for fingerprinting and then waved us through. It was as easy as that. We thought we may be there a while but we were out in less than 30 minutes.

Myriam thinks we may get our approval at the end of this week and then the paperwork is off for a couple day process of authentication. Then off to China. Once in China it should be a one week turn around. Here's hoping!

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