Sunday, January 6, 2013

Times To Remember

Here are some fun pictures while family was here for our nephews wedding last week. We had up to 32 people plus our family of 16 at our home at times. The kids had a blast! I prayed for snow so that our nephew from China could play in it. He has not had that opportunity. Well, my prayers worked a little too well. We got snow and then freezing temperatures to make it stay for the last 11 days. With this snow comes a lot of ice on our street and driveway and temperatures in the low 20's as a high. I found that on the way to church today we have gotten a little more acclimated to the cold. Bria wouldn't even bring a coat because she said she wasn't cold. On the way out of church Malia decided she wasn't cold but Bria was now so they shared the coat.

OK, now for the pictures, out of order.

This is a jump that Creed and his friend Bryson made. Bryson brought over an old set of skies and they pulled each other on the four wheeler like in water skiing. 

Doug picked up the driving when Bryson wasn't here.

When Creed got to the jump he let go of the rope and flew. He usually looked much better than this. I think this jump he landed on his back side.

Niya and Doug riding in the snow.

This is Leland our nephew. He was thrilled to be riding the four wheeler especially in the snow.  What a great uncle.

Emma doesn't seem to have nerve endings. This child will go outside in the snow without shoes or gloves and not notice the cold. There was one day she stepped on something that was burning and didn't cry hardly at all. After a few minutes she was fine. I looked at her foot and she had burned a hole in the sole of her foot. 
Hannah our snow angel.
I know this isn't the best picture but we had to snap fast. Hyrum had to help Leland get his snow pants off.  Hyrum loved having his cousins to play with. I wasn't sure how he would react because he has seen other little boys as a threat but there was no problem. He and Bria have had several discussions about when Leland and Chun Ming will be coming back. Sadly they both live out of state so it won't be any time soon.

Being pulled behind the four wheeler is a favorite snow activity for everyone. Creed driving and Casey on the back. Malia lasted a long time out in the freezing cold. Longer than I would.

Ressa having fun with the kids.

Jason is often with the kids. It's not abnormal to find 2-3 children sitting somewhere on him.
Creed is very good with children. They love him. Again, not the best quality picture but I
 couldn't pass
 up this look of great fun on Chun Ming's face.
Chun Ming has only been home from China for a little over 3 months I think.

All right, really who would post a picture like this on their blog? Only someone in my family.
One of my nephews is on a mission in the Philippines. It was his brother's wedding that we attended so my sister made a cardboard cut out with his face so they could send him pictures with him there. One of my other sisters, Darci, decided it would be funny to take a picture like this but she had the camera. She tried to get some of our nieces to pose but they wouldn't. so Darci decided she would do it and have a niece take the pictures. The funniest part about this is the bride's family thought that the groom's family was very proper. I think we need to show them this picture. They will have a whole new view of where my nephew comes from. I surely would not have done this but I did laugh and now it's on my blog. Yep, I'm just like my family. :)

The next post I will give a few highlights of our Christmas.

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