Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Big Name For a Little Guy

I left naming our son up to Doug. It took several weeks but one day as he sat bored in Sunday School, yes, he gets bored sometimes. :) He was looking through the scriptures for names and found a name that brought him to tears. This person was a valiant man that had to exercise great faith to follow the Lord's plan. He was a fighter and didn't give up. He came out of obscurity as a youth and became a great force for good. In another time and place there was another by the same name. He too was faithful and a warrior for God. He stood up to all that crossed his path and fought to protect the Lord's servants. In the end, as an old man he was killed by one who hated righteousness. 

We looked up the meaning of this name, "Mighty Warrior". I had a friend say "that is a big name for a little boy." Yes it is, and I wondered why that name? I too had thought of this name but it was Doug's privileged to name our son. When he came to me with the same thoughts I knew it was right. I have felt that this child has a great work to do. I don't know how or if it is in a short or very short life. I do know he has a work to do and will be a force for good. When we found out about the current hospital stay I realized the hope that his heart was working well the way it was, was not accurate. He must have been struggling for quite a while to have the heart swell as it has. So why is he walking at 18 months and beginning to talk? Why is he not more delayed like most heart children in this situation? My new guess is he is a fighter. He will not let this heart issue get him down.

His name seems to fit a big spirit in a little body.   GIDEON, he is our mighty warrior and hopefully he will fight and win long enough to get him the help he needs. Keep praying!

We have not gotten any new updates. I have a friend calling the orphanage to get some information. Hopefully it will be good news. I am also working on getting more information on the medication that Gideon needs. As soon as I know anything I will let you all know.

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