Monday, January 21, 2013

Dossier Is In China

We got an email last night stating that our dossier did indeed make it to China! Our agency rep will now work on getting things done ASAP.

I have made just a little headway with finding an airline that will allow oxygen. Cathay and Delta both allow it but their flights are not as good as Hainan Air going out of Seattle. They both cost quite a bit more as well. Cathay Pacific requires a 72 hour wait time and a reservation to issue an approval to fly. If they don't approve it then we have to start all over with another airline. We won't have the time to do that once we get permission to travel. Delta has a company that will approve the Portable Oxygen Concentrator for us but we will have to rent it for two weeks from them. That is a cost of almost $1,000. We could also continue to look for a Concentrator to buy used but that is still a good chunk of money. At least at this point we know we can get Gideon home.

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