Monday, January 14, 2013

I-800a Approval

We got our I-800a approval today. Myriam at Agape called the USCIC supervisor to let her know of our son's new health developments and to see if she could get our approval emailed to her. In the conversation the supervisor said she wished she had known that our fingerprints had been done. She would have issued the approval that day. Now Myriam knows to call when fingerprints are done next time she has a situation like this. Myriam received the approval and immediately had someone notarize the document and drive it 40 minutes away to have it authenticated. It is now on it's way to the Embassy in San Francisco for authentication. We should receive everything back by the end of the week. This is good news but there is still too long of a road ahead for a little boy that is in danger of dying.

The government entity across the sea has decided that they need the official documents before they will do anything. So we now wait for all the authenticating to be done and the dossier sent. We are still praying and hopeful that the powers that be will decide to issue the LSC before dossier is in hand but we won't ask again for a few more days.

No update on our son's condition. It looks like they need a specific medicine but there are no funds for it. We are not allowed to donate the money because of international (Hague) adoption rules. No one is certain if the donation would hinder the adoption but we won't take any chances. If anyone would like to help donate to help this child get better please contact Love Without Boundaries and let them know you are donating to the care of "Bergen". Some of you family members may be getting a call begging for your donation. :))

On a side note. The little boy that I posted about named "Leo" has gotten sicker. He has struggled with pneumonia for over a month. He is now so sick that he can't even sit up. Please add him to your prayers. I want to find out if there is any medicine that would help him pull out of this. I would still love to bring this boy home.

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