Friday, January 18, 2013

Dossier Complete

Following is a copy of an email we got today!!!!

"Hi Doug and Deanne,

I wanted to let you know I just handed your updated dossier to our FedEx driver. It is on its way to the CCCWA with an anticipated delivery date of this coming Monday, the 21st. Yay! Our office will actually be closed on Monday, due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday but I will certainly track the package first thing Tuesday when I come in and let you know the status then. We are very excited to have this package on its way, as we imagine you are as well. Myriam will certainly let you know as soon as she hears anything from the CCCWA."

Our next step is the Letter Seeking Confirmation from China. Pray that it comes next week. 

As far as we know Gideon is still in the hospital. No new updates today.

We really need some direction and counsel on the trip home and the challenge with oxygen. Please pass the word on. We also could use an Portable Oxygen Concentrator that is FAA approved. Used is fine if the price is right but to borrow or get one free is best. :)) 

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!

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