Monday, January 7, 2013

Fingerprint Notice - Awesome

We got our fingerprint notice!!!!!!!!  That is great news. The appointment notice was generated on the 3rd, which means the supervisor at the USCIS pulled our file the day she agreed to expedite. Our appointment isn't until the 17th of January but we are going to go in tomorrow in hopes of getting them done ASAP. In the past we haven't had any problem with going in early but they have moved offices so we don't know what to expect now. Some offices will not allow walk ins so please pray for us.

The fingerprints are usually the last thing needed for our immigration approval. Here's hoping for a very quick approval. I just realized today that we could run into conflicts with Easter. Hopefully we will be back by then so the kids don't  have to make the sacrifice of us being gone. Conference is the next weekend and it would not be fun to be gone for both. It's all in the Lord's hands and I will have to remind myself that it's His timing not mine. It's all part of the adoption roller coaster.

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