Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gideon's Still In the Hospital

I found out this morning that Gideon was supposed to be released Monday from the hospital. When they were getting him dressed to leave he went pale and had a hard time breathing. He is now still in the hospital and we don't know when he may get out.

There is a concern for his breathing while traveling home. He most likely is not able to take very deep breaths so he can't get enough oxygen. If he is on oxygen the saturation level of the mix of oxygen can be turned up so there is a better concentration of oxygen even though he isn't breathing normally. We will need to carry a portable oxygen tank with us but that poses a problem. The airlines may not want the risk of a sick child on board and deny travel. This is turning out to be complicated especially for brain that is on overload right now. I have no answers and I feel like I am getting no where with this challenge. I just need to keep the faith. It's all in God's hands. That sounds so trite and right now I have to talk myself into believing it. I can do it.

I am desperately trying to figure some things out but everywhere I turn I hit a road block. I was talking with a friend this morning about the situation in hopes that she could help, she was helpful.

OK, so I just totally lost my train of thought. I debated if I should delete that but decided to leave it and let everyone see where I am at. I just can't seem to think straight right now. No wonder all I wanted to do this morning was read. :))  "Calgon, take me away"

Oh, I remember now. I told my friend that things were getting tougher. She asked why and my answer was "That's adoption at our house." Whenever we are in an adoption Satan redoubles his efforts and hits everywhere he possibly can. The arrows are flying fast.

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