Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anxiousness and Angels

As I have been sitting at the computer most of the day just waiting for some kind of update I have gotten more anxious. I know that those that can do anything to speed up the process or give an update will either be at home or asleep, depending on the side of the world they are on. I have gained strength from the support we have gotten through words and prayers. I have tried to distract myself by playing a game with the children but it didn't work so well. Those in Ch*na are now just getting to work so hopefully we may hear something soon but in the mean time I saw this post. This sweet person, that I don't even know, was inspired to say just the right things I needed to hear right that minute. Here is what she said:


We are praying for your sweet son down here in Florida.

The doctors told us it was a miracle our daughter was still alive since she had
her 1st surgery later than they would have done it in the US but rest assured that
God makes miracles happen everyday! He is the most amazing healer and He will
continue holding your little son right now and even after your arms are around
him. Even though the doctors don't know what is wrong with your son's
heart/breathing, God created your son just for you and your beautiful family. 
Nothing can stand in the way of His plans. Praying for peace, love, and comfort
for your family and your son as well as wisdom and compassion for the doctors
that are with him each day.

Many Blessings!

I count these precious words as answers to many prayer on our behalf. Thank you to everyone who is there to support us as we face this challenge.

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