Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Key

First, I want to start by saying our Father in Heaven never leaves us alone. I was realizing we are at the point in the process of losing Gideon that others have moved forward. The moment that others have talked about when you are left alone. It was an observation not feeling sorry for myself. (I do a lot of observing my feelings and reactions.) That same day the Lord wanted me to know that He has not left me alone. A friend stopped by to check on me and brought me a cupcake. So appreciated! Another friend brought 2 loaves of yummy bread with a sweet note and I also got an email from someone at our adoption agency just letting us know she is thinking of us. We are never forgotten!

Over my life I have been taught that gratitude and service are important. I have experienced these two principals and how vital they are for our happiness. Now, in a different kind of challenge these teachings have come back to me over and over again. Gratitude and service bring light to our souls.

I have noticed a pattern and Heavenly Father is leading me. On my hardest days, when I wake up feeling the darkness or anxiety the Lord will stretch His hand out to me to life me up. He offers me a way to serve and focus on others. On those hardest of days he does not let me wallow, if I choose. Opportunities are presented for me to help another. Through that service I am also opened up to recognize the blessings I have in my life and the light then comes pouring in. I have been taught that selfless service is the key to true happiness. What a blessing this principle is in my life.

I have also observed that Heavenly Father knows my needs and gives me days and moments to feel the grief and work through my feelings and thoughts. Even when I am feeling like I should be happy, that maybe I am not being faithful because I am sad, Heavenly Father reminds me that he has provided the opportunity for me to be sad and remember Gideon. That through this experience I am being sanctified and purified. "There must needs be opposition in all things." I am living and witnessing the opposition and learning from both sides. Oh, how I love my Father in Heaven and brother Jesus Christ.

Gideon's favorite picture of Jesus.
"My Jesus"


  1. What a beautiful testimony you have. I loved your thoughts on service because it is a key to happiness.
    I know that those who follow your blog will be lifted by your thoughts today. Your deep faith shines through your grief.
    Love, blessings, prayers and hugs for you!

    1. LeAnn, you are such a great support. God has truly blessed me with your friendship. In heaven, can we live close to each other?:)