Monday, March 17, 2014

Not Yet

It is 9:30 at night. I had a quick thought pop into my head.

"I'm going to go lay with Gideon, I miss him." I immediately recognized the error in that thought and without sadness expressed it to Doug.

He responded in a sheepish tone, "Please don't go lay with Gideon yet?"



  1. Oh what a precious picture this one is. It's like some times II think I want to call my mother or go and see my Aunt Della and then I remember they are not here. However, I do find myself talking to my mother once in a while. I do still feel my parents near at times especially in the temple or when I am in need.
    Blessings to you sweet friend.

    1. I love this picture. I was so sad to find it was the only picture of Gideon sleeping. He was so peaceful while he slept and many of my memories are of us laying together in bed. I too talk to Gideon. Sometimes I can feel him there and other times I wonder if I am just talking to myself. I do that often.:)