Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unbelievable News

Today I got a phone call from Myriam with our agency. She wanted to call and explain why there was a delay in our paperwork. Well, when we were sent our LSC from China there is a choice of boxes that need to be signed. Do we accept the adoption or decline. We apparently forgot to check the box. When our agency rep got to the Consulate they couldn't accept the paperwork because the box was not signed. This was completely my fault. I overlooked it and caused a day delay. The document was fixed and Richard in China took it back in this morning.

We expected and hoped that the Article 5, which is the last approval we need from the US, would come next week at the latest. I got a call at 7:00pm from Myriam. She had to call because she had just been notified that our Article 5 was already approved and done!!  It took them less than 2 hours to approve and process. I was speechless. We now will submit for our Travel Approval tomorrow and possibly get it by the end of next week. This could move our travel up by a week. I found out today that China has another holiday the first week of April that most likely would cause us not to be able to do the paperwork in province that week. This speed of approval means we may avoid that delay.

I am in awe!!  I wish I could be this faithful when things get hard. :)


  1. That is amazing! You may feel more faithful in the moments when things are working out but I think this is just proof of how faithful you were in the hard times. Even if you didn't feel strong I know you have been.

  2. uuhh, Mom I think Sereen's right. I think the reason this is all working out is because you and Dad HAVE been faithful. Just a thought :)

  3. Thanks for the support! You just remind me that I have some of the best kids on Earth. There is no better place to receive such love than from you children.