Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Is Springing. :)

Spring is coming! I got out of the car from taking the kids to school and I saw weeds. Yeahhhh!!  I got excited, knelt down and began to pull them. Another thing I love. In the summer I stop to pull weeds most every time I get out of the car. It drives Doug crazy!!! He always tells me to quit and pulls me up. He thinks I can't stop working. What he can't seem to understand is that I get a sense of accomplishment out of it and I love the dirt. I really do love getting down in the dirt. It refreshes me and helps fill my soul. The kids weren't too excited about the weeds but I am.

New life.
Soon these lilies will be 3-4 feet high with beautiful orange flowers.

Signs of the old and the new. All things regenerate. Spring always comes and  the sun comes out.
Saturday was a very dark winter day in my soul. Sunday was a day of obedience. Monday the sun came out in my soul and on the earth. I have enjoyed the beauty ever since. I love the Lord and am grateful for the hope of Spring in the dark days of winter.

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