Friday, March 22, 2013

Travel Dates

After a lot of time on the Internet and the phone, including at 1:00am, we have purchased our international tickets to China! We leave on Friday the 29th at 8:25am. We are going the roundabout way with a layover in Portland, Japan and Beijing. We will reach the province of  Anhui Sunday the 31st. It is so good to have that portion of the preparations over with.

We did the booking on our own to save some money. We talked with a travel agent and what she quoted was quite a bit higher than what we were able to get on our own. In the end we booked with Delta and paid $1,250 round trip to Beijing. That was a great price! Our agency will book the in country flights for us. We expect that will add about $1,000 more to the travel costs but in the end we will pay the same for all travel as we would with just the international portion through the travel agent.

We had to wade through some not very friendly customer service agents and price changes in the middle of booking flights before achieving our goal. We ended up calling Delta customer service back for the 5th time and getting a great  agent that was able to reduce our fare by finding better flights than what we saw online. I wish I knew this guys name so I could send him a thank you. He was great! We don't usually fly with Delta, not that we really fly much anyway outside of adoption, but they had the best rates we could find. We check our bags at the beginning of our trip and pick them up in Beijing. That will be so much easier that how we had to do things last trip.


  1. yucky yucky, this brings back way too recent memories that I don't wish to relive till July. But you'll be super close to us when you land in Beijing! Can't you just stay there?? :)

  2. Yay! Glad it all worked out for you and the boys! You'll have to call and tell me how the last post came about.