Sunday, March 31, 2013

In Hefei

I learned something very valuable over the last couple of days. Take a direct flight into Guangzhou!  It may cost more but that layover in Japan then again in Beijing was NO FUN!! We got to the Narita airport and could find no information about where to go. The Delta people need to overhaul things in Japan. We questioned where we were supposed to be almost the whole time of our layover. We then had to wait an extra hour and twenty minutes for our flight which put us in Beijing past midnight. I really hope that doesn't happen on the way home. After staying in Beijing for the rest of the short night we flew into Hefei.

We met up with our guide and took care of some paperwork and went to the bank. Once in our hotel room we prepared the money for fees and put together the gifts for the officials in preparation to meet Gideon in the morning. We will meet the guide at 9:00 am and go the Civil Affairs Office to pick up our son at 10:00. I have been so nervous about this part.

When we picked up Hyrum and Bria I was nervous but nowhere near this nervous. I think the difference is I have lived what I may be getting into. I knew what to expect and had adopted an older child before but I wasn't emotionally prepared to have a child despise me the way Bria did. I just kept coming back to that as I got more and more sleep deprived. When your overly tired is not a good time to think, about anything. Turn on those movies and veg. :)

All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and go to sleep. Not possible when you are more than 5,000 miles from home. I wanted to hold my kids and never let go. Most of all I just wanted my Father in Heaven. After getting some sleep in Beijing I have felt much better but I still fight the nervousness. I'm sure that will disappear once we have Gideon in our arms. Not because I think it will be easy but the hardest part will be behind me. Our "Gotcha" moment. Most people think this is the best part but for me the best part comes a year later when you realize you adore your child and are ever grateful that they are yours. When your child feels like your child and not a little stranger that you hope you can love the right way for them to heal and trust you one day.

Now for some light heartedness. I just wanted to give an idea for gifts that all of us adoption wonder about. We chose to give Jelly Bellies with a menu. We picked up some menu’s last summer while we were on a tour of the factory for my sister to use for her adoption. I decided to get some extra just in case I might need them. They are Mandarin so it's perfect. I also made some caramels to go with it. Hyrum and Bria love caramels so I thought that might be something fun to do. I hope it goes over well but if not, I won't ever know about it. I took some pictures so I could remember later what we did.

Jelly Bellies and caramels.
To My Awesome kids, I miss you all so much. Be strong and always remember Jesus. We will try to Skype on Tuesday night. I can’t wait to talk to you. Make sure to remember what you are doing so you can tell us all about what is going on at home. We really love you and are praying for you. 

Dad already zonked out and I won't be too far behing him! 
You can also see that the agency arranged to have a crib brought in for Gideon.

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