Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Suffer The Children"

"Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Christ And Children From Around The World

I have the pleasure of sitting like our Savior, as depicted in this picture, every Sunday. 
I teach the 4 year olds at church. Between my class and the other class that used to be mine as well, we have 10  4 year old children. When I walk into the primary room I get so excited to see my kids. I greet them with smiles and hugs. I love these children!

Today was not unusual. I had one child on my lap, two sitting next to me holding on to my arm, and my hand in the hand of another child. Often a child sitting in the row behind me would give me a hug from behind or play with my hair. Bria is in the other class so she sits behind me. I looked back and noticed that she had her lips pursed and didn't look too happy. I tried to get her to look at me or sing and she would do neither. I had her come stand by me and asked what was wrong. She wouldn't tell me so I went with my gut. I asked if she was sad because other children were getting my hugs and sitting on my lap. A tear fell from her eye as she gently nodded her head yes. My poor little girl was jealous of the attention being given to others and not herself. I'm sure she feels as though if I give it away there may not be enough left for her. My heart broke for her at that moment. As a consolation I offered to go home and have her sit in my lap by herself while we watched Veggie Tales. She agreed  but continued to stand by me instead of going back to her seat. My lap was still full and the seats next to me were occupied. After church we went home and before getting out lunch for the younger children we watched a movie. Bria is now playing in the other room with a smile. She is doing so well but still carries some burdens of not being wanted or loved for the first 3 years of her little life.

I have faith she will overcome these challenges through love, patience and the help of our Savior Jesus Christ. He loves the children and will not forsake them. I have the blessed opportunity to be the hands of God on this earth for just a moment. 
I pray that I can live up to the task and show the children that God loves them.

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