Sunday, March 31, 2013

On the Homefront - We Got Egged!

We have some great family and friends! Mom and Dad have only been gone for a couple of days and we have had a lot of help and kind words and deeds from various people.

This Easter I (Tyler) asked all of the kids if they would prefer to baskets now or wait for Mom and Dad to get back. The vote was overwhelmingly toward not waiting. So that night at about midnight Will, his girlfiriend Alina, Jessica, and I went to work putting the baskets together (Creed and Pierce may have been a part of it as well). When we were done wit the hiding I realized that we were missing chocolate bunnies! I think this may be the first year we have not had some kind of bunny in our baskets.

In the morning all the kids went through the normal routine of trying to find their baskets. Of course many of them looked almost right at the basket but didn't look hard enough to find it. It was rather funny. The kids didn't seem to mind or remember their were no chocolate bunnies though, maybe I am the only one that cares about them.

On Sunday morning however we woke to a great surprise! Someone had set out twelve chocolate bunnies on our front porch and put a ton of plastic eggs filled with little toys and candy all over our front lawn. There were even some hanging from the trees! I took a video of it all but for now I am just going to put some of the pictures I took with my phone.

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  1. That is so cute! Whoever did that is so awesome and kind! :))