Monday, September 26, 2011

We have them!

I called Deanne last night after all the dust settled to share our experiences.  I feel guilty, but it appears that I had a much better day than she did.  Bria cried for 45 minutes at the registry office, then settled down when they went outside.  Deanne did what she could to make her feel comfortable at the hotel room, but Bria sat in a chair most of the time and wouldn't respond to tickling or playing of any kind.  Deanne finally ventured out to try to get some lunch, but as soon as Bria saw a Chinese person she started crying and reached for them.  It's hard for me to imagine any child not latching onto Deanne right away.  Hopefully today goes better.

Hyrum cried for a few minutes after the handoff to me, but after a few treats and toys, he settled down and I actaully got a smile from him about 15 minutes into it.  The care giver was there for about an hour, then wisely slipped out without saying goodbye to him.  He didn't notice.  As we were leaving he got a little fussy when he realized I was it for him.  I pulled out the magic pills, jelly bellies, and he was good to go again.  By the evening he was pretty comfortable with me. We went to dinner with Rob and his new girls and the guide, Ann.  Besides dropping his ceramic bowl and shattering it on the floor, it was all uneventful for Hyrum and I.

He fell asleep while I was holding him on the bed and he slept most of the night.  I fussed when I wasn't in the bed when he woke up, but I was immediately able to calm him down.  So that was very good sign.

Breakfast was easy with more smiles and he ate a ton.  Here are some pictures of my day.  Deanne and I will get back together Friday and we will be able to put some pictures of Bria up.  We are off for new adventures today.

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  1. Yayyyyy!
    Congrats you guys. We are so happy for you. We will continue to pray for your success so that you can come home safe and sound with your babies.