Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Miracle Needed!!

I was hoping that we could wake up running this morning.  Much like the rest of our process we have run into another road block.  The consulate has on more appointments available for September and the earliest they can get us in is October 11.  That would put us in China over a month with 10 children at home.  One of those weeks would be purely sight seeing because all US and Chinese government offices are closed the first week of October.  Our next option would be to stay outside of Guangzhou if we travel in October but that is not even an option for other reasons in our family.  So we are only left with 2 real options.  One, travel in November and miss Thanksgiving with the kids (bummer, but no deal breaker), or continue to go forward as though we go in September exercising great faith that all will work out and we leave on Saturday as paid for and planned. 

Miracles happen!  We have chosen to keep getting ready as though we fly out on Saturday afternoon.

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