Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Dreaded Flu

We have 7 total days to get ready to leave 10  children home and pick up two more in China.  That leaves for a very busy week.  Now if that was all that I had going, no problem but we have had some big issues with school and getting things together with that.  I have also found that some of the needs academically are more demanding than expected. These things have been weighing heavily on me as well.  The best part of it all - I got the flu on Saturday.  I was down all day and when I tried to get up to get some things done I would start to lose it.  I have always said that I can still function with a bad cold but give me a stomach ache I am done.

The family, mainly Doug, got a lot accomplished while I laid in bed.  More and more things are being crossed off the "To Do" list, not because they are getting done but because they are not going to ever get done.  This is when I decide what is really important.  Who cares if my toilet is clean.  Sereen can do that if she wants to wash away the germs.  Right? What bad timing.  After breaking my wrist I didn't think that it could be harder. Losing a whole day to the flu was not even something that crossed my mind. I think this is what we would consider the Ox being in the mire.  My ox really needs to be pulled out. So I will shower and putts around the best I can while I still feel very tired and a  little queasy.  Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

I have found a couple of people that are going to China the same time as us.  We leave a week earlier that them because we need the extra week to be in each child's province.  We will go pick up Bria in Changsha then leave on Friday of that week for Guangzhou and pick up Hyrum on Monday.  The other families will arrive in Guangzhou about a week after us.  I am excited to meet some of them.

I will do my best to post while we are in China but it all depends on the access to Blogger.  It seems hit and miss sometimes but I know how others rely on that to get them through the hard wait and I want my family to share in our experience.  Not just my kids but everyone.  This is a very unique experience and one to be treasured.


  1. Doug and Deanne,

    I just got caught up again on your blog. You guys are such an inspiration. We are praying for your success in bringing your babies home soon. Oh, that we could go and get all of them and bring them home. Our heart goes out to all the little orphans. The Lord's timing is perfect. It will all unfold as it should. We pray for you.

  2. Ohh, sorry,
    I hit send before leaving my name. That comment was from -Janet Thurgood
    Nampa Idaho

  3. HOORAY! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about your experience!