Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adoption is Wonderful

In a previous post I expressed that I wouldn't want to wish this experience on my worst enemy.  After rereading that post I realized how that made adoption from china sound.  That was not my intention and I don't want to scare anyone away.  China is no more difficult of time consuming than any other international adoption.  Our experience has been very out of the ordinary, wrought with challenges along the road.  We not only had problems with the adoption process but in most other areas of our life.  This was the path the Lord chose to give us growth.

If anyone is considering adoption please understand that most families have the normal roller coaster of emotions and challenges but it is not as difficult as ours has been. 

There are many children in need of families and it will all be worth it, even in our situation.

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  1. My thoguths and prayers have been with you since I last heard you weren't going. Now I will pray that you have a great trip.