Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reality is setting in.

The reality of going to China is finally starting to set in.  I walked into my bedroom today and walked right into the suitcases sitting in the middle of the floor.  It struck me that I am finally going to get my children.  My 7 year wait is almost over!  I started to feel that little flutter in my stomach and I realized that I was beginning to feel the excitement.  What a good feeling that is.  I still have some concerns that something will go wrong but I am giving in more and more to faith. It is so nice to begin to feel peace again.

We will be getting our itinerary on Tuesday at the latest.  I do know that we can visit Hyrum's orphanage.  I told Doug he can't go without me!!  I don't want to miss that experience.  Bria's orphanage won't allow visits so we will be satisfied with the thought of some day in the future visiting her home town.  Outside of the normal routine of appointments I don't know what else will be on the schedule.  I am really hoping that there will be sites open during the holiday so we have some fun the week I am in Guangzhou.

I have to get Doug up to speed on everything adoption and the blogs I have been following of others that will be in Guangzhou at the same time as him.  I would love to have met some of these people but hopefully Doug will get to.  I would be good for him to have the extra support and help.  I know he can do it but I'm sure it will get a little lonely. We haven't been given much direction from our agency as to what will take place and how it happens so it will be good to have others to direct questions to.

I had a close friend send this scripture to me today. It truly expresses my constant prayer.

"...and I pray that now at last in God's will the way may be opened for me to come to you." Romans 1:10

On another note, as I sit here typing, the kids came in and said there is a bee in Niya's hair.  Casey took a flip flop and tried to hit it out. Niya stood still while everyone ran and screamed.  She was so brave!  They finally found the bee in one of her curls.  That would never happen in my white girls hair.  One of the fun things about having an interracial family. :)

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