Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Official!

The Adoption Certificates are in hand for both Hyrum and Bria.  The Walker family has two more children!!  They are both doing great.  The paperwork has gone very smoothly here.  My biggest worry being without Deanne this week was the paperwork, but she had it all perfectly in order before arriving in China and the guide, Ann, has been very knowledgeable and told me exactly what was needed every step of the way.  Deanne had a couple of snags on her paperwork.  Nothing that was her fault, it turns out that this was the first adoption that orphanage has ever done and the director had to bring new paperwork 4 times.  That delayed things almost a whole day.  I was worried that she may have to stay in Changsha longer so I made her call the guide to double check everything last night and it looks like it is still on schedule.  There was also a typhoon that went through Hong Kong today.  There were some flights cancelled there and I was worried it may affect the airport here in Guangzhou.  We got some of the rain, but nothing to disrupt flights.  I don't want anything to get in the way of us getting back together tomorrow night.

Hyrum has been fantastic - very easy to manage with no tantrums and barely any fussing.  He allows me to comfort him quickly whenever he does fuss. He had lots of smiles today when he was playing with a remote control car in the department store and he giggles constantly when I blow up a balloon and let it fly all over the room.  He takes cover, but still laughs. 

Bria seems to be taking a little longer to bond with Deanne and had a little melt down today, but overall is doing really well.  Deanne will have to update the blog when she gets back to the computer this weekend.  We put international texting on our ATT plan before we came.  We get 50 texts each for $10 for the month.  That has gotten us by during the days and I have called her hotel from mine every night.  That is about $4 or $5 dollars for 30-45 minutes, but so worth it.

The safe situation was rectified quickly yesterday.  The hotel ended up sending up a guy with a drill and he pretty much destroyed the safe to get it open.  I took my things out of it and they hauled it away and replaced it with another one.  I hope that doesn't show up on our bill at check out time...

I found out today that Hyrum is actually pretty proficient at chopsticks.  I have included a picture of him taking care of a bowl of noodles with other photos from the adventures today.


He's better than me with those sticks.

All dressed up for the finalization!

Dad and Hyrum after it was all done.

Our guide, Ann, holding Hyrum with the girls from another family we are traveling with.

Lunch with Ann, the kids, Rob (another bachelor this week) and our driver.

Doug and Rob with our kids at a museum.

The play area at the registry office.

More smiles from Hyrum.

The restaurant in the Garden Hotel.  The hostess was worried that Rob and I were too tall for that table.  She was right!


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