Friday, June 7, 2013


Yesterday I spent the WHOLE day trying to find some help to get through the USCIS paperwork. We had everything set up with our officer to get our paperwork processed quickly. That was great until it came down to doing it. Unfortunately for us, our officer is out of the office through next week. Her files were passed on to an interim officer who has no intention nor inclination to help us. I then called to talk with the supervisor and she is out for the week. Next we were hooked into the Section Chief. Awesome, we may get somewhere. NO, I was told we had to just sit and wait for the paperwork to be transferred from the lockbox to the officers desk. Unbelievable!!! This is not how they expedite an adoption? I was given the name of another supervisor that other agencies have had good luck getting help. She too is out of the office but only until Monday.

I then went the route of getting help from our elected representatives. What would you know, not one of them has called me back after I filled out the paperwork they needed and was told they would call right away. What is going on?!?! Even today I got nowhere. Where is the integrity? How can someone say they will call right back and then when I give them ample time to call, meaning 5 hours, find out they have left the office for the day? Not just one person but 3 at 2 different offices. Did you know that only your elected official can help you with problems like this? No other official is allowed to intervene on our behalf. Our government is supposed to serve us not make life so difficult!!

I am very frustrated!! I have decided that this one is truly up to the Lord. I have done all in my power for now. This is bigger than me. I will get back on the phone first thing Monday morning. Hopefully I won't lose my temper. Something has to be done. We are up against a hard deadline. If we miss it a child's life will be altered dramatically.

We not only have the deadline of picking up Gui by July 21 but the consulate in China is closing for a week to move. This shortens our time to get the paperwork done and make all the appointments. I need help!!!!! If there is anyone with connections at the State Department please help me pull some strings. We have to get Gui home.

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  1. I am sorry. I wish I could help. But I can pray and I will!