Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Closer To Gui (Ben)

There are quite a few steps in the process of adoption. Typically it takes about a year to bring a child home, but not this time!! There were two steps that we needed to have done by Friday of  this week.

One, getting our paperwork back from the US State Department and Chinese Embassy in DC. Both entities had to authenticate the documents before they could be turned in to the CCCWA. We hoped that they would be here tomorrow but Friday morning would still work. Through great effort and fantastic coordination they came back two days early, today!

Two, we needed to get some paperwork through at the USCIS and were hopeful that it would clear before Myriam had to go to China but I wasn't hopeful. Myriam had a scheduled visit to China that will allow her to also push this adoption through on the other side of the ocean as well God's timing is perfect. Well, that paperwork cleared today as well. We are moving right along.

There is power in fasting and prayer!! Please keep praying, those of you that are. Gui (Ben)  is coming home!!


  1. You all are in my prayers!

  2. We have been praying for Gui! We prayed about adopting him ourselves but did not get the "go ahead". So, so happy to hear that you all are adopting him!! He is such a sweet boy!