Sunday, June 23, 2013

Country Fest

Last Saturday we got to spend the afternoon at our city's Country Fest. It is a tradition we all look forward too. The city provides free activities as well as the normal carnival rides. We all have lots of fun. These pictures are courtesy of Tyler. He doesn't know it yet but I stole them from our family blog. Thanks Tyler!!

Jessica and part of the family as we watched the kids do the Fireman's obstacle course.

Bria and Hyrum  being Firemen. Russ, they would love to come visit you at work!
Bria's just a little unsure but once she got going nothing stopped her!

The kids got to use the fire hose. I kept waiting for one of them to turn and get us. :)
Hannah carrying the hose. Emma and Clayson waiting patiently for their turn.
Our oldest, Tyler, taking his turn.  
Emma surprised me with her speed and focus. We don't see that focus very often but her teachers assure me she focuses at school. We were told she counted to 30 the other day. I was so excited. I came home and asked Emma to count. "1,2,3,18!". She thought she could take the easy way out so she could watch a movie. After trying for two hours straight to convince me that "1,2,3,18" was counting to 30 the poor girl never did watch her movie. 

Olivia getting a snow cone. Olivia was so afraid of Indian people just 2 years ago. Now here she is taking a snow cone from an Indian boy. She has done so well!
Casey seeing how strong he is. He didn't quiet ring the bell. He was one number off. Next year.
There was a bungee run. Clayson loved it!
Olivia wanting to be young still. She just turned 12 and is loving all the perks.  
Malia's turn on the bungee run. She is not heavy enough to go far so Doug helped her out.
Marshall deep in thought.
Our Beautiful Jessica, Tyler's wife.
Waiting for the 17 shaved ice we ordered for the family.:)
Doug was sure he could throw as hard as he did in his prime. Look at Creed in the blue shirt, he was very skeptical. I had to tell him to just remember one day he would be in denial too.


  1. Last year I was out with Jessica finding her wedding dress during the South Jordan Country Days! What an amazing year it has been!

  2. Well... I just found out! You are welcome :)