Monday, June 17, 2013

Overcoming Hurdles for Ben

This last week as been full of overcoming hurdles with our adoption of Ben. Our Supplement 3, or addendum to our homestudy, was delayed at the lockbox, which is where everything goes before reaching our officer at the USCIS. We tried all the avenues we could find to speed the process up with no luck. For the first week I wasn't overly concerned about the delay causing problems in the adoption because we thought that the CCCWA would accept our original I800a for this adoption. It then became apparent that the I800a needed to be updated to get things moving.

We also discovered a mistake in submitting our I800 to the USCIS that also caused a delay. We have taken care of that problem. This mistake may or may not hold up the process depending on if the CCCWA will issue our Letter Seeking Approval without the I800a updated. Oh, what a complicated mess this has become.

We have now received our updated I800a and it is at one of the Chinese Consulates getting authenticated and will be on it's way to China. We are hoping that the CCCWA will issuer our LSC on a copy of the I800a knowing it will be coming in a few days. Still, if they don't issue the LSC that is OK for now because we are still waiting on our I800 application to get to our officers desk. Until that paperwork makes it to the USCIS we are dead in the water. Unless......, the supervisor agrees to issue the approval on copies of the paperwork., which they can do if they are in a good mood. Those copies were sent two weeks ago. You see, it's a complicated mess.

We still have time. We need that LSC this week! We have to get through some stages pretty quickly to beat the deadline of the US Consulate closing in Guangzhou mid July.

Wow, what a ride this is. Getting Ben here is only the beginning. Once home the real work begins. The work that goes into healing his broken and lonely heart. There are consequences from growing up without a mother and father. We hope and pray that Ben will learn to trust and believe that he is here permanently.  We need to teach him English and help him receive an education. I am excited to see the miracles happen and watch Ben grow into a man.

I'll update again when there is something solid to say.

Oh, I forgot, we were told on Friday night that we will have to submit a new dossier. I guess someone gave the clearance to reuse the dossier we had but is now backtracking on that. They say they won't hold up the process waiting on the new dossier but I am still getting it done long before we wait on our Travel Approval. It's a good thing I had prepared all the paperwork necessary for our dossier when we started the process for Gideon. At that time we didn't need it so I have had a complete dossier sitting in my files bothering me. Well, it's a good thing I had it because now we need it. We redid some notaries because they expired and I will bring everything up to the State to get it authenticated tomorrow or Wednesday. I will also be sending out our other certificates to get authenticated at another state office. Hopefully everything will be submitted to the CCCWA in a week and a half.

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