Monday, June 17, 2013

More Happenings At Our Home

I know, I don't like multiple posts in a day either. It makes it hard to read all of them because of limited time. I just couldn't wait, even though I wish I could. I love to post pictures but still can't. Once we get through the USCIS and Visa process for Ben I can take the computer in to get cleaned up but for now Ben is more important than you seeing my very cute children. Sorry :)

Bria had an appointment for her club foot today. It had been 18 months since we started her visits with Shriner's. She has done so well and Shriner's has been fabulous. On the way to the doctor, mind you, much earlier than Bria likes to be out of bed, she said with real enthusiasm. "I love my doctors!" We got the all clear to stop using her daytime brace. We handed it over to the doctor to send to Mexico as a donation. I am so glad to see it go. I now get to take Bria to go get some cute sandals. All she has wanted for year is some sandals. Well, I take that back, today she asked if we could get flip flops but I had to explain that she has no toes and flip flops need toes.

Her reply, "I can wear them on this foot."

Yes she can.

We also had a tragedy in  the family. Saturday morning we got word that Jared's father passed away. He was in his early 50's with no health issues. He was on a morning bike ride and was found dead on the side of the road by a State Trooper. We are so broken hearted for their family and for Sereen and Jared. Jared's dad was a good man and had much more to offer but the Lord must have needed him more for another work. No matter why he went it leaves a big hole in the lives of many. Tears come easily and thoughts of a more profound nature are constant.

Sereen and Jared, we are praying for you and your family. Tammy is in our thoughts and we mourn with you. We are so sorry that Preston will never know, in this life, the love and example of the great man his grandfather is. We love you!

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