Sunday, June 9, 2013


No, Bobby is not another one.....

Bobby is my new name with Gideon.  This is Doug by the way.

This name evolved from the Mama and Baba titles Deanne and I have with the new Chinese children.  Gideon says both of these terms at least 100 times a day as he needs to get our attention to the simplest little actions.  As he learns a new trick like balancing on the side of a chair on his stomach, a new dance move or just dumping water into his food, he will not allow us to ignore his new talent and calls the name of whomever is closest to watch rapid fire.  About 3 times in 1.5 seconds.

He has heard the other children call Deanne mommy, and since it was an easy transition from mama, he started to call Deanne mommy on occasion.  Well, Gideon, being the logical type that he is, figured if mama can evolve into mommy, why can't baba turn into bobby.  Therefore, my title now is bobby...on occasion. 

If he needs to get my attention quickly for a new trick, he sticks with baba since it does seem to take a little less effort to say.  Deanne has threatened to call my bobby in front of the grandchildren so it will take hold for the next generation....

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