Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Olivia

I'm sure many are wondering how things are going with Olivia and what she is like. She is doing very well and has opened up quickly to accepting love. She has said she feels safe here and that means a lot. When we are in a new situation or new people come over she looks to mom for security and comfort. She is more open with initiating hugs and even kisses. She has only called us by Mom and Dad to our faces a couple of times but never hesitates to call us that with the other children. She loves to be read to at night and tucked in. One kiss is never enough and needs many to feel satisfied for the night. She now likes to sleep on Mom and Dad's floor at night. We'll see what she does tonight after being woken up by Dad's snoring.:)

Olivia is a fun loving girl. She has a grace and dignity about her. She knows many of the principles of the gospel and understands to a large degree what they mean. We need to help her believe some things that she has been taught through words and shown opposite in action. She is teachable and wants to please. Olivia is loving playing dolls, Barbies, Polly's, doll house, and making up Irish dances with the other girls. She loves makeup and nail polish. She also enjoys running around and jumping on the tramp. She loves to tickle and tease. It is a great way to develop attachments. Many of the things she does are exactly what we would put into place for bonding but she intuitively is doing it herself. It is amazing to see her willingness to reach out.

We are witnessing miracles on a daily basis. Where she is coming from and where she has to go to be healed will be a long journey. She is traveling that road with trust and speed. Most children would have taken much longer to get to where she is in just two weeks. I have no doubt that she will do well and heal rather quickly. I am grateful we have the Holy Ghost to guide and inspire and the atonement to heal. I know that all things can be healed through the atonement of Jesus Christ and with the correct guidance she will learn to rely on her Savior and be free of all that she has endured. She is a strong girl and has a valiant spirit. There is a great work for her to do and that is made evident in all the miracles and people that have been doing things behind the scenes to get her to a safe place. I have no doubt that she has been watched out for and is very loved by her Father in Heaven. I hope and pray that I as a mother and our family will have all that is necessary to help Olivia be successful on her journey.

We wanted to take pictures of the girls with the spring flowers. It turned out to be partially sunny so off we went.

I really don't like having pictures of myself taken. Olivia insisted that we have one with Mom and the girls. The sacrifices that we make as mothers can be great!

Malia and Olivia were blowing bubbles in the wind the other day. The two girls play all day together! As soon as Niya and Hannah are home from school they are one tight group.


  1. Thank you for helping me and motivating me to be a better mother. I don't know how you do it? You have so many children yet you can still focus on them each individually and meet their needs. You guys are truly angels on earth. I can't wait to come and spend time with you all.

  2. I agree with Alice. You are some very loving good parents. Olivia is so cute. I can't wait to meet her. Great pictures!