Monday, May 2, 2011

Catastrophe At Church

Church can be entertaining at times, especially for those that sit next to us. With children there is always something just around the corner. I was sitting in Sacrament meeting with Clayson next to me and Niya beside Clayson. About half way into the meeting Clayson starts to quietly cry and was very insistent on getting my attention. I look down at him and he has big tears rolling down his face. I'm thinking "what is there to cry about you're sitting in church with nothing to do". He loudly whispers "Mom Niya got boogers on me". "What?!" I immediately think "OK what would posses Niya to wipe boogers on Clayson?" Clayson was so distraught that I didn't think he had done anything to provoke it. Not always the case but this time seemed different. Niya looks at me ready to cry and I have to ask "Why did you get boogers on Clayson?" Clayson pipes in with "She sneezed on me!" Being the good mother that I am I turn away and start to laugh. Sure enough, there was a need to clean his suite. Poor Niya also needed to blow her nose so I sent her out to go get a paper towel to wipe it off the best we could. She was so upset that she began to cry and Doug had to take her to the bathroom so I could sit with the two children that desperately needed their mother at the moment. A few minutes later Niya was back and had cleaned up the mess and Clayson was very grateful for the kind service. We all had a good laugh and I don't think that story will die any time soon.

Here is small glimpse into the life of our real family. A word of advice to all of those that think our children are so well behaved at church, you may not want to sit in front of us during allergy or cold season anymore. :):)

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  1. I see a blog post coming on soon over here about boogers in church.

    Bella's allergies are so bad that we don't go anywhere without tissues. We have learned the hard way.

    Hope that makes you feel not so alone.